December 20, 2015

Wild Woman

There is a wild woman within me.
She travels the earth, soaring in the skies, blazoned by fire, and gliding through the waters.
The rain kisses her cheeks, drenching her soul, reviving her.
She wraps herself in the forest growths and a shroud of darkness, clothed in their protection,
The fragrance of herbs and elements caress her skin providing her a sweet perfume.
She runs through the wild abyss, her path coursing through my veins.
Around a ring of fire, she dances and sings, bathed in moonlight and stardust.
Surrounded by wisps of smoke, weaving through her fingers and hair,
The ancestors whisper to her, sharing secrets yet to be known to the world.
She is the guardian of their secrets, seeking truth and delivering their messages.
Outside of her earthy haven, the venom of the ill-hearted constricts upon the soul.
Gazing toward the moon, beating her breasts, she lets out an earth shattering cry.
Her battle cries rattle my bones, shaking me to my very core, awakening my spirit.
She fights for the light, standing against malice and deprivation.
I listen for her calls, her cries breaking through the heavens and the hearts of others.
She calls for silence and solitude.
Openness and togetherness.
She calls for us.
For the discontented, restless, and broken hearted.
The free spirits, bohemians, and misfits.
Join with her. Fight alongside her.
Blend our battle cries into a melody of fierceness and boldness.
Shake the world with our melody, breaking the grasp of bitterness and ignorance.
Run with her. Soar with her.
She takes on to heights and depths unknown before. Shattering our preconceived horizons.
Awakening the soul, mind, and life within ourselves.
She darts to another corner of her realm, staying the course, covered in mystery.
This wild woman remains within me.
She is my wild woman.
I am this wild woman.

June 14, 2015

Within the Circle

In the darkness my heart beats with the drums,
My spirit lifted upon the winds of the flute,
Whispering through the flames.

In the stillness images appear spoken from the heart, dancing in the air
A silenced mind, the spirit conversing with the universe
Listen to her words coursing through, exchanging energy

Sounds of ancestors and times past echo within
Returning the spirit to its original creation
Mixture of earth and soul renewed

Waters rushing, flames consuming, smoke surrounding
All the woes fleshed and fallen
Strength and peace emerge glistening in the new day

January 3, 2015

Mine Alone

My mind wanders, reeling with fears of the worst
Time passing slowly, dauntingly
If only life could jump ahead
Questions answered, solutions found, worries quietened

Strength tested and pushed to new limits
All that was known, turned and changed
Unfamiliar and trying, time is only sparingly vacant
Adapting, learning, struggling unceasing

Fear becomes all consuming whilst the mind wanders
The load weighs heavy to shelter my new charge
Mustnt show my lapses, must remain strong beats the song
Heart fights the battle, distracts the mind, and hides the difficulty

Are these fears shared with my charge, I dare not press
Guilt accompanies such curiosities, how dare thee ask
Shielding from extra burden, enough is there
This is mine to bear, a chance to return all the care

December 28, 2013

Sweet Serenity

Life, with all your uncertainties, how terrifying you are
Your pain often overshadows the joys
Always reminding us of our vunerable states
Laughing at us as we fall apart and must rebuild

But you O sweet serenity of death
Always so welcoming to embrace
As I cry out in pain and my fears overwhelm
It's your sweet voice that comforts
Reminding me of our fleeting shared moments
And the calm that you are

I'll never forget the strength you've provided
The sweetest peace I've ever experienced
As one day I'll join your side, never to part again

November 20, 2013

Haunted and Scarred

You entered my life in a gust of bravo with your eye on the prize
Chaos and pain in the guise of care and concern
Only to be revealed when I was at my weakest
Then you won what you had sought

A cycle of despair and hope intertwined
This time will be different, this was the last
You had me by the throat
All I could do was grin and not let on

You come in so many forms
Each time altering but always the same
To break me down for your control
Hurt and confused you continued to win

To break free of your grasp was my prize
You still haunt me, in your many forms
Although stronger now
I remain haunted, scarred of the memories

July 9, 2013


To call me back again, to force me back
Is against my will, against my soul
You long to hurt me, to bend me to your way

You surround me, smother me
If only for a moment
I gasp for air, claw for release
To be free of you, O calamity of mine

You may break me in a thousand pieces
I will not succumb to your ways, to your manipulations
I will not, no, I will not

My spirit will not remain caged
I will break forth with new found hope
As I am called into the light
Basked in it's wondrous glory that is all
I will know I am free, I am free

September 13, 2012


Too many memories lurk in the darkness simply waiting
Past pains deeply etched in the crevasses of the mind
Silhouettes of persons and times emerge from the shadows
The psyche's pleas for mercy go unheeded

Consumed with cruel vestiges of time
The haunting presence forever burned into my soul
Memories transfigured into forms of terror
Events in time and persons once trusted

A disturbed mind so tormented
Unwarranted vigils to the past now indelible
My mind's futile escape from itself
Leaves me clinging to shattered moments of refuge

Sweet refuge, hiding me from encroaching shadows of time
Your watchful eye lingers only awhile
In those moments, the hauntings are forgotten
Until the tide turns and the mind is flooded once again with darkness

I am left forever haunted